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Finca Siempre Verde is owned by a family who opens their doors to visitors with the intention to show their love for the land and the respect for their community. For this reason, we want our visitors to come with intentions of learning and preserving the authenticity of our rural community.


Whether you are a guest or a volunteer, we want you to enjoy your visit to Costa Rica. We strive to provide every visitor at Finca Siempre Verde with a rewarding and enriching experience. The following provides information about the accommodations available at Finca Siempre Verde. Let us know if you have any questions!

Guests, volunteers, and interns at Finca Siempre Verde live in a beautiful open-air building in the middle of the tropical forest at the incredible Siempre Verde Lodge. It is our newest building and is one of the most sustainable buildings on the farm. It was designed and built by Marcos Garcia using teak wood scraps.


There are many large corporate teak plantations in the area that have leftover wood because they are not of diameters suitable for sale. We intervene and collect this wood for our buildings to avoid the cutting of more trees. The building is divided into two floors. Each floor has five bunkbeds and a private room with a double bed.  The structure also has a large area for yoga, which occupies a 72 square meters platform. The yoga deck is on the second floor so it is well ventilated and an excellent location for bird watching.

Volunteers at Finca Siempre Verde will live our beautiful Siempre Verde Lodge, which is our newest building. We started building the Siempre Verde Lodge in 2012. It has a lot of room to host people, a library, a relaxing area, and a yoga platform that also functions as a classroom. It was built with local materials and a lot of teak wood which was leftover wood from an old plantation. This makes our lodge one of the most sustainable buildings in the area.


We also have a cabaña located in our primary forest. This is a perfect place for those who truly want to have a close contact with the forest and all the life that inhabits. It’s location is the perfect place for a night hike and for ending your day with the melodies of hundreds of insects and nocturnal animals such as frogs, crickets etc. At the cabañas we only use candlelight each night.


At Finca Siempre Verde, we choose to live in such a way that allows us to be in harmony with the natural environment rather than alter it to suit our exact needs.

iempre Verde. For more information about learning opportunities, responsibilities, and expectations as an intern please click here.


Guest (not volunteers)



Come live simply and harmoniously with nature! Prices include lodging and three meals each day. Personalized tours and Spanish classes can be arranged for an additional cost.
Prices are dependent on what kind of guest you are at Finca Siempre Verde. PRICE: $40 per night for one person or $60 per night for a couple.


Being a volunteer on the farm is an excellent way to learn more about organic farming and sustainable building while having free time to enjoy the area. Volunteers work from 8 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.


Volunteers have to be open to moving to our cabanas in the forest when we have to host a large group in our lodge. The cabanas are located five minutes walking from the main area of the farm. The cabanas are located in the middle of the primary forest, which is an incredible way to spend the night, listening to the sounds of the forest . This is a great place for all of those who love night hikes.



If you are staying 2 weeks or less: $15 a night (includes lodging and 3 meals a day)

If you are staying more than 2 weeks: $12 a night (includes lodging and 3 meals a day)


For long term stays and deepen your learning on the farm, you may be interested in the intern program. As an intern you have more responsibility than volunteers and you work from 8 am to 1 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

Interns must commit to a minimum of 3 months at Finca Siempre Verde.



Interns receive lodging and 3 meals a day for working full time.

For more information about learning opportunities, responsibilities, and expectations as an intern please CALL  AT 87796519


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