Organic Farm


From initial idea to implementation, Finca Siempre Verde is committed to operate a self-sustaining organic farm using compost and other natural fertilizers instead of the traditional herbicides and pesticides.


The idea of a self-sustaining organic farm arose from a need to produce our own food instead of traveling two hours by bus to Puriscal for fresh vegetables.


We grow a huge array of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants to support Cabañas Siempre Verde. We produce everything from eggplants, sweet peppers, yuca, and avocados to star fruit, tamarind and coffee.



The farm has a good number of animals, we have cows, chickens, horses and three dogs tutti,doggy and lucky.


During your stay with us in Mastatal, much of the food you eat will come directly from our organic farm. You will have the opportunity to tour the farm or even contribute directly to its daily operation as a volunteer.


Come learn, work, and eat with us!

Sustainable Building


At Finca Siempre Verde, building is an art and we are very passionate about it. We are always thinking about how to build different things from chairs to structures. We work hard to build everything in a way to minimize the impact on our environment. We use local resources like leftover teak wood, stone, and cob.


There many plantations of teak in Mastatal. The plantations grow teak for export and require a minimum diameter for sale. The pieces that don’t meet the minimum diameter are left on the farm as trash. We go to these plantations and collect the leftover wood to process and use in our buildings at the farm. All of our buildings include teak that has been collected in this way. It means we haven’t had to cut new trees for our structures, and have used a wasted resource.

A resource we have been using for a long time is stone. We collect stones from our nearby river for free. It is a very good resource to make structures stronger. In our main house, the kitchen walls are built with stone.


Recently, we have started using cob in our buildings. Cob is a mix of clay, sand, grass, and water, all of which we have in the area. Currently, we are using cob to create walls and divisions in the buildings.

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