Spanish School


Guests and volunteers at Finca Siempre Verde have the opportunity to study Spanish in private or small group lessons. From beginning to advanced levels, you will receive personalized instruction from experienced Spanish instructor, Marcos García Guzman, in grammar, vocabulary and conversation.


Lessons can be tailored to meet your unique needs, including study of professional vocabulary or basic conversational skills. Your classroom will be an open-air building surrounded by the beautiful sounds and sights of the Costa Rican rainforest.


The Spanish school at Finca Siempre Verde offers all levels students range from absolute beginners to advance speakers of the language. When students arrive at Siempre Verde Spanish School will have an oral interview to determine their level.

Classes can be arranged according to your schedule and needs at a cost of $10 per hour. You can also choose the full-immersion Spanish School option. This program is designed to provide a complete immersion experience in the Spanish language with classes from Monday to Friday two hours at day. Saturday and Sunday are free. In this way, each student can have individual time to do a review of the week and have some time to explore Mastatal.


We have more than 10 years of experience providing a full immersion Spanish program. We have worked carefully to select local host families who will provide three meals per day, laundry service, and lodging. Most importantly, living with a host family in Mastatal provides an amazing linguistic and cultural experience.

Full Immersion Price

$250 per week or


Contact us to schedule your Spanish lessons.

Hourly Spanish Classes

$10 per hour

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500mts south of Mastatal School, Mastatal of Puriscal, San José Costa Rica


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