Internship program

If you are interested in a longer-term stay and want a deeper involvement in Finca Siempre Verde, you may consider being a part of our internship program.

There are two internship positions at Finca Siempre Verde: farming and building.

Interns stay on the farm for a minimum of three months and open to 6 months.


Interns have much more responsibility than volunteers and are expected to be a leader in their area (farming or building) as well as a leader in general on the farm. Work hours are Monday-Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm-5:30 pm  Often, interns are working outside of these times with general responsibilities on the farm and on personal projects. Interns need to be self-motivated and active in all daily activities.

The internship program is about learning and having responsibilities. You will learn from us and we will learn from you. We have projects that we want to do but any ideas are welcomed. Interns will often come and do personal projects in conjunction with current projects. As long as we have the resources and it will benefit the farm, ideas will be considered.


As an intern you will be responsible for many projects, has to be sure that people know and understand what they are doing and be alert to security measures.

Building Intern:

Building interns have helped in the construction of the new Siempre Verde lodge, construction of compost toilets, tables, chairs furniture like beds, massage table, projects using  cement, wood preparation, sanding and varnish, design and elaboration of railings for the buildings, using cob and bamboo. Current and future projects could include the construction of a shower area, new composting toilet with cob walls, greenhouse, guest house, as well as smaller daily carpentry tasks.

Farm Intern:

Farm interns work on different organic fertilizers for soil improvement, maintaining and creating gardens, selection of seeds, planting of life fences, digging holes for planting fruit trees, introduction of new species to the farm such as coffee, harvesting fruits for our kitchen like citrus, bananas, pineapples and herbs.

Expectations and Responsibilities:


-Be self motivated

-Respect the schedule: be on time for meals, start working on time

-Take the lead

-Don’t wait for Marcos

-Focus on and encourage sustainability

(least amount of water and electricity, using the composting toilet, recycling)

-Be a safety example. (Use and encourage safety precautions)

-Accident prevention

(This is a remote area and access to medical care isn’t easy)

-Meet new volunteers at the bus stop

-Be mindful of volunteer needs

-Be gentle and welcoming.

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